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When we look at understanding child safety, this doesn't just mean protecting your child when it is growing up. Child safety really begins when pregnancy occurs. It is just, if not more important to try to employ as many safety methods as you can when your partner finds out she is pregnant. Here are just a few things that could be employed when this happens, to help to protect the child:

  1. The mother should stop smoking instantly. Yes, it sounds easier than it really is as smoking is not an easy thing to give up. However, you could do untold damage to your child's health if you continue to smoke whilst you are pregnant. You must remember that you are feeding your baby high amounts of nicotine and all the other dangerous toxins that smoking produces. So try to give up as soon as you can.
  2. Excessive alcohol must be avoided too. Alcohol contains many things which could damage the baby also, so you should avoid consuming excessive alcohol. The odd glass of wine if needed is probably alright occasionally but if possible, no alcohol should be consumed.
  3. Try not to over-exert yourself. You should try to take it as easy as you can when you are pregnant. Don't try doing too much or lifting heavy items. When you feel stressed and over- exerted, this is how your baby will be feeling too. So always try to remember that.

Once the baby is born, then there are many ways to protect it in the home that you can use too. A safe cot that will ensure the baby cannot fall out of and a baby monitor so that you can hear the baby crying is recommended. Sometimes just hearing the baby breathing can help you relax and help calm yourself down. Hopefully these tips will help understanding child safety easier for you to do.