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As a parent, you have full responsibility to make sure your child is safe at all times. It is true, you cannot watch them all the time but you can educate them in safety to help protect them when you are not around. There is no better example of this than the internet. Many children in the world today have a computer in their bedroom. The advancement of technology means they can access vital information to help with their school work for example. When used this way, the internet is only a good thing. However, the internet also allows for reasonability, which means you don't really know for sure who you are communicating with. So online child safety really needs to be taken seriously.

One way to try to keep your child safe is to prevent them from taking part in chat rooms. These are sites that allow communication from one user to another. When used correctly these chat rooms are useful but the problem lies in the fact that there are some untrustworthy characters that hang out in these chat rooms with the pretence of arranging to meet young girls/boys. These people pretend to be teenagers but are in many cases middle aged men.

So the first thing you can do is block access to these sites from your child's computer. There is a variety of parental control software programs available that can do this. Next, you should talk to your child and make sure they never give out any personal details such as email address or cell phone number over the internet. If you are upfront with them and teach them the dangers, then this could really avoid them from making a mistake. You could also limit the amount of time they spend online also. It is mainly when children are bored that they will explore new sites and limiting their time online will help to avoid this.