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It is a very sad fact that a high percentage of child deaths, especially in America are caused by traffic accidents. In many cases the children weren't wearing seatbelts. This should really make parents aware of the fact that teaching your children to wear their seatbelts at all time whilst traveling is so important in case of an accident. For small children, the use of a child seat is highly recommended. These seats give much better support for the young child. They are usually attached to the existing seat belt and have their own more suitable belt which fits around the child.

Child seats are available in many different shapes and prices. You should shop around before choosing the one that suits your child best. You obviously shouldn't just choose the cheapest one, you should choose the one which will give your child the most comfort and protection. Most seats are categorized into ages, so you should be able to quickly find the ones suitable. It may also be necessary to change the seat once your child reaches a certain height/weight and is too big for the current one.

Using child seats can really help to protect your child should you have an accident. It really isn't worth the risk of using a normal seatbelt because the actual damage that a normal seatbelt can cause a child can be horrific. This is due to the belt not fitting around the areas that they should. These are the waist and the chest areas. Small children wearing normal seatbelts may end up with the belt close to their necks, which is obviously highly dangerous should a sudden impact occur. So the importance of a child seat cannot be stressed enough. If you cannot afford to buy one new then there are many places where you can buy them second hand. Try searching on for instance. Many times, almost new items are sold for less than half the price of buying them new.